Dabhis Electronics focuses on repairs and the modification of consumer and professional electronic equipment.

Local repairs are carried out in our service centre. We have an excellent reputation for high quality, enduring repairs and creative modifications.


We do charge an estimate fee (minimum charge) for any repair. Please call to enquire.

Turnaround Period

Turnaround time for repairs vary, they may take 7 to 14 working days if all parts needed are in stock. Repairs requiring special parts would depend on the time required by the manufacturer to supply the replacement part.

What We Can Fix

Repairs to most makes of CRT, LCD’s, PLASMA TV’s, DJ Equipments, hi-fi's, digital boxes, cam-corders, CB equipment, GHD Straightners, Car Remote FOBs, Electronic Circuit Boards, microwaves and vintage electronic equipment such as valve radios, record players and tape-recorders (subject to availibility of parts). Watch batteries and belts supplied and fitted.

Member of EURAS European technicians community & Television-Magazine-Forum

Aerials and sky dishes installation can also be arranged.